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Our pharmacy, which looks like a small house, has been a part of the Lake City community since July 5th 1982, when Dan Bushardt, Jr., RPh and Clifford Graham purchased the land, built the building, and opened the pharmacy for business. From the beginning The Medicine Cabinet was a family pharmacy. It opened its door with three employees - Dan Bushardt, Clifford Graham, and Graham’s wife, Betty. Shortly thereafter, Judy Godwin joined the team as a pharmacy technician and worked until her retirement in 2014. Mrs. Betty, as she is affectionately known, served as the bookkeeper until June 2015, when she retired.

In 1986, Terry Blackmon joined the Medicine Cabinet family as a pharmacist and Mary “Sissy” Smith as a pharmacy technician.  As the business has grown, we have added new members to our family.

In 2002, Blackmon purchased Graham’s share of the business. Terry and Dan worked together as partners and friends until Bushardt retired in December 2013. Blackmon then acquired Bushardt’s share and became president/owner of The Medicine Cabinet.

Dan Bushardt and Terry Blackmon pharmacy owners standing in front of The Medicine Cabinet pharmacy sign
Our Beginning
Medicine Cabinet Pharmacy Lake City

our history


In March 2017, Owner and Pharmacist-in-Charge, Terry Blackmon, welcomed his daughter, Erin B. Stelling, Pharm D, MBA, as one of the newest members of The Medicine Cabinet family. The locally owned Medicine Cabinet is truly a family pharmacy. Let our family take care of your family!

After nearly forty years, The Medicine Cabinet continues to welcome you and invites you to come home to the little house on Mercy Street where you will still be met with a warm smile and a pleasant hello. Remember, we appreciate you and it is a pleasure to serve you!

Erin Stelling and Terry Blackmon standing together smiling
Blackmon Owners
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